Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride cheres!

Calla Lilies to Cala Cakes - Buckle Up, Chere - It's Gonna Be A Bumpy (but fun) Ride!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Finally - Something to Say Other than "Po Pitiful Me"!

Well, when all was seeming bleak and unpromising...I managed to persevere and keep pushing through and by gum, I HAVE A JOB! I start this coming Wednesday! Designer/Project Manager at a high end office furniture dealership. The team seems great, the pay is great and general traffic issues not too heinous (afterall, this IS L.A.).

The job finally was offered to me in early mid-October after about a month and a half of e-mails, calls and interviews.

About two weeks prior, we added (by accident) a member to our household - a feral tuxedo-colored kitten. The 'accident' was that the little thing had gotten stuck in a pilot's BMW under the hood and above the engine baffle. He apparently spent about 4-5 days in there w/no food no water...!?! We had him checked out by the vet and he's hunky dory! He was about 5 weeks old at that point, and - owing to the airport where he was found - his name is "Vinny" for the code for Van Nuys Airport "VNY".

Vinny runs the gamut from "Adorable" to "Squee" and between and also from "STOP IT!" to "GO TO SLEEP!" and all point in the interim. ;)

Now that I'm finally going back to work - I'll be able to re-enter the land of the financially living! :) Money for spending and even better - money for SAVING! And I'll be able to start back to 'playing' with cakes again. I'm also feeling inspired again, so I'll be plugging away blissfully on my Muses shoes for Mardi Gras 2012. :) And on that note, I'm also GOING to Mardi Gras 2012! I've ordered my Muses beads/throws, I've booked my airfare (as it was only going to get more expensive and more rare the longer I waited. My awesome friends are hosting me, so that saves serious ducats and I know it's a safe place, great access to the parade routes. I WISH my Boo was going to go with me, but he's about to make some career adjustments/improvements so it's better right now that he's not committed to Mardi Gras if he changes positions.

I'm hoping that once I have my first paycheck that I'll be able to get affordable airfare to Houston for the Christmas holiday break. Gifts...? Well, since I'll still be in financial recovery mode - if I can get airfare, my usual gift expenditures will be impacted. I hope my family understands. If not...well, it is what it is.

I'm going tomorrow to apply/test for my California driver's license. I'm making the transition to be an official Californian!

My revised plan of 'just a year' has moved to a more open-ended thing...I'll be performing like a long-termer at work, I want to kick some butt. This is going to be weighing more on my man's career growth. He has a chance at a seriously great placement, that would help get us to NOLA in the future - and still allow him to retire w/full military benefits in about 8 years from that point. :)

If we win the Lottery before that - well, then yet again, plans change and accelerate. :) Granted - it would help if we actually PLAYED...LOL!

Okay, I need to make groceries and practice the driver's license test a few more times.

Cheers all!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

60 Days (+) Of California Living (thus far)

Wow, I've been here two months already!?
The weather here has been really nice, a tad warm - but NOTHING like what Houston's been dealing with: 23 days STRAIGHT of 100+ degree high-temps!?!?!
My only weather-related negative comment about L.A.: no thunderstorms. Dan swears there will be some this fall. I'm holding him to it.

I really want a full-time job w/a decent salary, which means: back to the furniture world. So last week, I e-mailed a mid-market office furniture dealer that is located in Burbank (about 9 miles away). Just as a tickler, y'know "hey, I'm here, I can do this, any needs?" kind of thing. In a stroke of luck, they are INTERESTED! :) They requested my resume', so I e-mailed it to them - for a project manager/sales support position! Later in the day, I received an e-mail back to schedule an interview! :) It was set up for last Wednesday at 10 a.m..

That meant - I needed to top off my hair color which had grown out from the cruddy way I had done it three weeks earlier. I spent Tuesday hitting the shops for something to spice up my work clothes. I scored a couple of Adrienne Vittadini tops (one a knit long-sleeved in a mid-range olive tone, and the other a black/heather grey rugby stripe tunic w/patch pockets that I can wear over jeans, leggings...whatnot) and a fun, flouncy peasant skirt in colors that will make it through summer and well into fall. I also scored hair color and raided the beauty supply for coloring brushes and a bowl. I spent the afternoon diligently addressing the root of my root problem. The results of my efforts was quite nice.

I went to the interview, arrived a little early. It lasted about 40 minutes, the lady was very nice and it seemed to go well. I'm at present waiting on the decision. I called today and she said they were reviewing other candidates and would let me know. She seemed in a good mood, was pleasant...hoping that's a good sign for me.

If I can get this job and at a decent salary, I'll be in veritable clover. I can save towards a place in New Orleans, as well as go back for a visit...SOON(?).

On the homefront - GrisGris is now comfy sleeping in the bedroom w/us and Dan's cats! Progress! It just 'happened'...though I suspect it dovetailed nicely w/the fact the cats realizing, when she's in close proximity to them...they all get treats! LOL!

I have slightly reworked the kitchen set-up, getting a glitter-dome set up - time to start working on Muses Shoes!

Goodnight, here's to good news on the jobfront tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Has It Been Almost Two Months Already???

Okay, I made it to L.A. in the expected amount of travel time. I took a little time to mellow out after the hectic nature of the preps to move and the move itself. The cats are settling in - Boo's two cats are getting better at sharing the apartment and my two are getting better at not being soooo spootie.

Since then, I've interviewed at two specialty cake bakeries and submitted my resume' to many other places. Most of all of my job hopes have been fairly dashed by extreme pseudo-excuseable rudeness of companies that ask for resume's but can't be bothered to send even a "screw you", "no dice", "are you serious" back...let alone a simple "thank you for your submission" and actually follow up w/a "you don't meet our req's at this time"... Or better yet, "Please come in, we'd love to talk to you."

Sure, in that first couple of weeks, I did swing by See's and dropped in an application - but they aren't looking for folks until the holidays are upon us...might not contact me until like September/October.

I am actually working in a part-time capacity at a neat little cake boutique in Beverly Hills, but just once a week (when I'm needed) isn't really cutting the financial mustard. I've even recently submitted my resume' for a position at a Knoll dealer - it could be neat, and profitable - but even that search agent hasn't responded w/anything yet.

Let me say this: I don't do extended 'downtime' well. I'm getting a handle on it - as I'm getting disheartened by the day. I hope something profitable that I want to do comes up SOON.

That being said - I really dig L.A., we haven't done any 'tripping the light fantastic' things, heck, I haven't even been to Hollywood proper yet. I have been to Burbank (love it!), North Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Studio City, Van Nuys, Northridge and Glendale (and some other little areas I can't fully recall).

We live a few blocks off of Ventura Boulevard, which is like (for my NOLA peeps) Magazine Street on steroids. It's cool, walkable and all manner of shops and businesses. There's also a great Farmers' Market less than a mile away. We went for the first time this past Saturday and I was blown away w/the array of locally grown produce...pics on my flickr account.

Oh! On a way cool note: my friend who has many cookbooks and children's books under his belt, has asked me to create cake recipes and a couple of designs (NOLA-centric, of course) for a book to come out this Fall!!! :) :) :) And he would like pics of some of my prior NOLA-themed cakes for the book, too! I may well be published by the end of the year!

I know more stuff has happened, but most of it is me sitting on the sofa watching re-runs of "Sex & the City" on E! or Style... Who knows, maybe this weekend, we'll go to the Sherman Oaks Castle and I can get some skee-ball games under my belt. I'll pretend the ball is smacking the less-than-responsive job folks...!? LOL!

I promise to write more often. Cheers.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Looooong and Winding Road...

After putting myself, my dearest friend and my dad through HELL to finish the move (and I am in their eternal debt), I finally got the show on the road a little after 11 a.m. on Friday. Over the previous week, I had kitted out the car w/new tires and a slew of fluid replacements/fuel injector cleaning/fuel filter replacement...oh, NOW I remember why my bank balance is so damn low.

And before you ask, "Yes, I had the cats in the car" 'ere I left the old digs. After the first hour, both of them actually settled down! I was amazed.

Stopped just outside of San Antonio to top up my fuel. Drove through San Antonio that seemed (at the time) to take FOREVER. Stopped in Sonora for more fuel. Then drove on through to Fort Stockton for the night, arriving about 6:30.

The motel was a little dinky, but it served its purpose. I dined in my room w/some Dairy Queen-collected nommins. The cats were glad to be out of their carriers, and I was glad to be out of the car, too!

For what it's worth - my car was jammed pretty damned full - I nicknamed her for the trip: Fibber McGee's Closet on Wheels!

Saturday morning, I loaded up the stuff I had brought in and then wedged the cats back into their carriers. GrisGris wasn't so bad, but Amelie...oh heck...

Stopped at the Donut Palace for b'fast and much needed coffee (which I must add: The "Palace" did not live up to the hype...but then maybe I'm jaded by being a Shipley's addict?). The coffee was not quite 'right'...meh. I topped up w/more fuel and headed on at just shy of 9 a.m. to Sierra Blanca, TX.

A couple of hours later, hit Sierra Blanca, got out at the gas station and was literally struck by the pong of aged pee smell...GAG! Fueled up as fast as I could and bolted. Stopped quickly in El Paso for drink, quick nommin, Lotto ticket and pit stop.

Drove on through to Deming, NM, after having my nose assaulted just outside of Las Cruces by the dairy pens...damn...PEEEEYEEEEUUUUW! Motored on towards Tuscon, and had to deal with a traffic re-direct that saw me being asked if I was a U.S. Citizen...???

Made it to Tuscon a little before 5 p.m. if memory serves. Checked in at the Red Roof Inn South...just in view of the AFB my sweetie was stationed at briefly during his USMC stint. :) After settling the cats in the room, I went and drove around to find dinner. To my chagrin - Arizona health code won't let one order a hamburger to arrive medium rare...!??!? It was meh, but discovered I like "Kiltlifter Ale." :)

Sunday morning finally arrived! :) I loaded up my ever-so-trusty NOLA Rouge and found some nommins and decent coffee at the very polite yet friendly Quik Trip gas station. Getting through Phoenix to Avondale was fairly painless. Stopped for gas in Avondale and went ahead and got the car washed. Headed on to Blythe, CA, but stopped quickly in Quartzsite, AZ for bag of chips & a soda. Topped off w/gas in Blythe and grabbed a real Burger King 'meal' so to speak...

Trudged on through to Banning, CA and got more gas...and then the fun started. Negotiated the curves of the CA-60, started experiencing L.A. area traffic in all of its expletive-laden glory. Drove on and on and on...and on...and FINALLY got to the 101. From there it was naught but 17 miles to my exit...of course peppered w/traffic the whole way. It was about 4:45 when I arrived at my new home and was wrapped in my Boo's arms! :)

The cats are settling in, slowly but surely - I'm all feshmeckled with the time zone change. But being w/my sweetie is TOTALLY rocking my world. :)

I've put in my resume' for a doggy daycare's receptionist position and also resubmitted w/the candy company. :) Here's hoping I hear something positive, soon! :)

More later. Hugs, I'm off to bed...zonked....

Monday, June 13, 2011

Final Four! (no not hoops, but the final 4 days of being a Houstonian!)

Said "farewell" to family and friends this weekend...sad and yet exhilarating due to the adventure ahead. I know I'll miss everyone, but there will be so much to do and to be w/my sweetie...nothing can equal that. :)

The storage room is 'purt near' FULL. Still a LOT of crapola in the apartment. I'm addressing that now. I'm becoming more and more 'okay' with stuff going to the dumpster. I'm running low on items that have a further useable lifespan, having taken MANY loads to Goodwill. Many loads of stuff needing to re-enter the chain have gone to the recycling center.

So far, EIGHT boxes shipped to my Boo. More to go to him(today if possible).
A few more boxes are needed to finish off the storage room.

I want SUBSTANTIAL EMPTINESS in the apartment by the end of the day. I want tomorrow and Weds to be down to cleaning. Thursday evening will be "the Load" and Friday is Departure Day!!!

It's frikkin' HERE! Wow! Deep cleansing breath...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Clutter From the Black Lagoon...


For the love of all that is neat and tidy...this stuff is multiplying and swelling as I go about the business of culling/packing it!??!

On the Good News Front: The big stuff is GONE! The keeper stuff in storage and the rest sold!

I've just done a dress rehearsal w/the 2 sizes of boxes and a Mardi Gras bead bag (stuffed to simulate the Kitchen Aid and the sewing machine). I can get 2 of my 'big' boxes in and 2 'small', the other appliances and some Muses bead bags, my pilot case and the t.v.! :) The cats are going in the front seat.

There is SO.MUCH.CRAPOLA still to purge through. I've shipped 4 small boxes to Dan and will ship another 4 this week, 2 are packed, so 2 more to load.

All of my cookware and daily plates/glassware are going to charity. Probably get them to them this week after work.

I'll be reworking the boxes in the storage room one evening this week - I should have packed more of the fragile stuff in the bigger boxes. I can probably get four or five of those boxes into 3 mediums...? That stuff is lighter so I can stack 'em higher. Real live Tetris, I has it.

Okay going back to the purge/pack stuff for a bit - then getting ready (all spiffy) - my dad and aunt are taking me to a nice restaurant for my going away party.

Lagniappe - Dan cannot WAIT for me to be there. :) WOOT!

Friday, May 27, 2011

New Broadway Musical: Purge-y and Mess

Just over a week into Operation: Get It The Hell Out Of The Apartment.

Now, all but one of the bookcases are spoken for, as well as the storage unit that is currently my (way underused) bar. And the locker-looking storage unit is claimed. (granted the dining table/stools, the craft table, the t.v. stand and chair & ottoman frame are still available...)

The art supplies I culled have gone to their new home w/my friend who is an art teacher. The cake goodies I parted with have gone to one of my former cake club buddies.

Slowly, slowly...things are being culled/purged/redistributed to new owners, thrown out or packed and put in storage. :)

This is really happening! :) I'm looking forward to this so much. I have several job possibilities that I'll look into further when I'm there. The cats are (for now) loving hanging out in their carriers...which may well change on 'go day'... But for now...

Okay - time for dinner and back to purging and packing. Toodles!
(edited to add product left for sale - if interested, please let me know)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Big Store...

No, not the Marx Brothers' movie... I have secured a storage room for 12 months!
Was looking for a 5x10, but scored a 5x15 for the same price that lays out MUCH better. :)

Two boxes of books went in today. Lots more boxes to load up. Stuff to sell, books to essentially give to Half-Price. I'm taking a nice box load of cake stuff to one of my former cake club friends tomorrow. :) Then I'm hoping to meet up w/my friend Lauren some time this week and give her the 'mutha lode' of art supplies.

I bought two new cat carriers (kennels, not the cardboard ones) for the pending road trip. So far, GrisGris is smitten w/hers. I need to bring the second one in and assemble it for Amelie. I may see about loading them up next weekend and driving around (no, I won't be leaving them in the car unattended!). And repeat as much as I can before 'the trip'. Hoping they can learn to not be SOOOOO freaked out.

This week I'll be taking a couple of boxes (maybe more, wish there was a discount for multiples...LOL!) to ship to Sherman Oaks. Right now, little artworks/pictures. Next, kitchen goodies and art supplies and cake stuff. Maybe some very carefully wrapped appliances.

I created a list of the furniture I have to sell - and I hope to high whatever that it all sells for close to what I'm asking for them.

There's that painting I want to sell, too - one of my bosses might have some friends that want it. If I can get close to what the original price is...woot!

Sunday is "the Day" where I officially let my family know - I'm moving. Dan's mom is tickled, his brother is bummed (apparently thought Dan would be moving this way...).

My lil' Nola Rouge is going to be getting new tires soon. Which reminds me, I'll need to ask about if I can replace my fuel filter myself or if I'll have to have the guys at the shop do it...I don't want to pay someone else if I can do it just as well myself. I also need new wiper blades.

I wonder what it will be like living w/o thunderstorms (for the most part)? Granted the temperatures are lower and the humidity is much less in L.A.. :)
Anything is bearable if I can be hanging w/my Boo.

Okay...what, about 26 days? I have to get the stuff I want out, gone, the stuff I want to keep stored and the stuff I'm keeping and using packed.

Monday, May 16, 2011

I'll Know What It Means...

To miss New Orleans. I'll probably have a 5 month hiatus what with the move. But here's the "for now" Last Hurrah weekend summed up:

Pic Link first... :) (let me know if it doesn't work...)

I arrived on Friday, mid-day. Dropped off my stuff at my friends' house in the Irish Channel. Drove over and met my groovy friend Roberta at my hosts' restaurant "J'Anita's". My friends were sadly not on duty, so the guy cooking did something w/the lamb chops that rendered them looking like they were glazed in Dimetapp. The cheese grits were good, though. (the lamb wasn't bad, just nowhere in the realm of as dreamy when Craig makes them)

I then went back to the house, freshened up and walked up to the St. Charles streetcar. Once I hit the French Quarter, I went to my friend Peter's shop on Jackson Square. I walked up to the Riverwalk and looked at the decidedly swollen Mighty Mississip' and watched as the steamboat "Natchez" headed back upriver. Then I see the "Creole Queen" initially on "Natchez"'s heels...but then as she hits the eddies mid-river...apparently started sliding sideways!?! Once she got across them she started moving forward but w/great effort.

Just as I was about to head back down the steps towards Jackson Square again, I see the Algiers Ferry leave from the West Bank. It (I kid you not) SHOOTS downriver like it is jet propelled! But, no - it's just caught in the current. As it hits the bend, struggles across the eddies like the "Creole Queen" but the captain is steering for all he/she is worth, because the vessel makes a HARD left and then slowly pulsed upriver towards the New Orleans dock.

From there, I went on through the French Quarter, taking pictures. I stopped in at Molly's At The Market for a much needed "Frozen Irish Coffee" and sip it on my way over to Buffa's. Now, my main destination was to be at the Pitot House around 5 for the "Vino on the Bayou" event and I didn't have much time to hang out at Buffa's. So, I sipped a rum & Coke while watching the last 15 minutes of "Purple Rain" and said my farewells and wandered up Esplanade across Rampart to wait for the bus.

And "wait" I did...I thought the thing would never show. Finally, it lumbered into view and I boarded. I got out at Grand Route St. John and walked over to Bayou St. John and up to the Pitot House. That house is so amazing, despite the heat of late afternoon, the way the old house is designed, it caught the air and it cooled us w/o any electricity and definitely no HVAC. I didn't get pics, but I have some snagged some from one of my trips earlier this year. I sampled the wines on offer, fell into a funny conversation w/a lady named Ronda and we talked the evening away.

As it wound down, I drifted down the Bayou to my friend Roberta's house. As it faces the bayou, we attempted to sit on the porch, but the streetlight that was in front of the place was attracting every blankety-blank Formosan termite it could. We kept getting swarmed and bolted inside.

We talked about MUSES stuff, general stuff and my impending move to California. Then she was a sweetie and offered me a ride back to Kimmie & Craig's house. I happily accepted.

Saturday, I treated myself to a somewhat lavish breakfast at Gott Gourmet over on Magazine Street. I had the "Chicken & Biscuits" offering. Chicken breast on homemade biscuits w/a gravy made w/Portobello mushrooms, caramalized onions and Creole Country sausage - and topped w/2 fried eggs! It was far too much food for me, despite my appetite. It was very good. From there I hit a few shops for things I wanted to have from NOLA. Then I went to the streetcar again and went back to the French Quarter.

I splurged at the Louisiana Music Factory. Then I went to check on the river again. And as I was approaching, the calliope on the "Natchez" was going full-tilt. It was so neat and it made me teary-eyed w/the utter NOLA-ness of the moment. I listened awhile, took pics and then headed to the Square again. As I crossed Decatur, I hear St. Louis' carillon in a celebrational arrangement and I went into the park and saw a wedding group getting pics done - but not some fussy-type group - just some stylin' folks and the bride in a white funky dress and SHRIMP BOOTS! SO New Orleans! The bells weren't for her, though - there was a very large wedding that had just wrapped up and was exiting the cathedral. I'm a geek for church bells despite my not-big-on-organized-religion-self, so hearing them was really cool, I got all emo again. (What can I say, I'm SUCH a Cancerian)

I went in to the Presbytere that's to the right of the cathedral (as you face it) - they had an exhibit about the flooding and Hurricane Katrina. It was heart-rending and yet from an exhibit-design standpoint - it was beautifully and touchingly executed.

From there I be-bopped around and sadly realized my other friend's restaurant the Louisiana Bistro didn't open until dinner service...at which time I already had plans to be w/my friends at the Geek Dinner. So, I walked over to ACME Oyster House for some chargrilled oysters and some "Boo Fries" and an Abita.

I grabbed the very crowded streetcar back to Third Street and freshened up again and went and picked up my friend Julie to head to the Geek Dinner. Now, the "Geek Dinner" is an event my friends started a few years back that was for the various New Orleans bloggers to get together in real life to have fun. This was my first one to attend, as usually they are on a weekend I'm not here.

My offering for the dinner was sugar cookies I made in the shape of a fleur de lis and decorated w/fondant and royal icing. All manner of really delicious food was brought. Lots of socializing and laughter going on. Some folks were meeting in person for the first time. And yet, it was like 'old home week'. :)

Having walked around all day and that I was driving I had one Abita Amber early and drank water the rest of the night. I ran Julie home and came here and crashed for the night.

Sunday morning, I finally got moving around 10 and drove around to Prytania Street and Seventh and parked my car. I walked about 7 blocks to a restaurant named "Coulis" and had some really upscale French toast. I walked back past my car and up to St. Charles and Jackson Street to wait for the "Divine Ladies" Social Aid & Pleasure Club's Second Line. I had never participated in a proper Sunday Second Line. A small-framed guy in baggy, sport-type clothing was snaking past me and politely whispered, "I have some good weed...?"! LOL! I politely declined.

The Second Line got started and the Hot 8 Brass Band was playing for the Ladies. They were attired in turquoise & white and there were gorgeous giant feathered fans in matching turquoise. The whole mass moved down St. Charles and we were all dancing to the beat. I tried to make sure my purse didn't go astray (finally went 'bandolero' w/it and didn't have to worry about it whacking anyone anymore) and I was trying to capture the Second Line feeling on my camera, but I was dancing, too. One of my friends, Darryl Young, actually teaches an exercise class that is derived from Second Line dancing - I'm so going to take that class in the future!

I had to break out of the happy and gyrating crowd about 6 or 7 blocks in in order to get to the Krewe of Muses theme/design meeting. I could have easily gone on w/the Second Line - it was so neat.

I arrived at Virginia's way cool home on Napoleon right on time. She's one of the founders of the Krewe. There were tea sandwiches and wine and daiquiris aplenty. After everyone arrived, she announced the theme and we broke into brainstorming groups. I am so tickled - lots of folks loved my ideas, and I think at least one of them will end up being a float! :) The theme is still a secret, so I can't divulge my ideas.

From there I went back to J'Anita's to have a late lunch/early dinner of the lamb chops & grits again - this time Craig was in the kitchen and they were divine.

Back at the house, we watched "Treme'" - another stellar episode!

Now, I'm about to go pack up and head back to Houston.

I'm really going to miss being w/in a 5 hour drive of New Orleans...but, I'll be able to see my Boo on a daily basis and I'll put some NOLA in the apartment, so until we can move to New Orleans in the net year, I will happily deal.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'll Admit It - Yeah, I'm Frakkin' Worried

I'm planning on driving to New Orleans this weekend. Kind of my 'last hurrah' for a while, what with the pending move to Los Angeles.
Well, the flooding upriver on the Mighty Mississip' is starting to cause me some worry.
Sure, I may be borrowing trouble, but then again - I come from a long line of "Worrier Queens".
From all the input I've received, this weekend should be fine even though the water seems to be but a spilled Hurricane's quantity away from washing over the Riverwalk. Here's hoping they've made all of the stretch of the Mississippi a 'no wake zone' for now. :(
I've been bad, being so torqued about what can easily happen if the levees failed again, I didn't bake the cookies. Not being a pessimist, I just don't want to put my fearful energies into the cookie dough. I'll do something for my wonderful hosts while I'm there and for the Geek Dinner, I'll track down some good cookies or whatnot somewhere.
It will be probably a week before the situation (if they don't open the Morganza Spillway soon) possibly deteriorates, so traveling to and from shouldn't be a problem.
I'll keep an eye on the news and what my in-NOLA Peeps are saying. Can't say that I trust the USACE further than I can spit on them (and that isn't far at all). Which is where my worry comes from.
I have to get the oil changed in Nola Rouge, and top off the tank tomorrow after work. Then pack the clothing for the trip. Who knows maybe I'll even run through the cookies afterall. Bake 'em off and then take the stuff and decorate them on-site?
I'm a spaz, but y'all knew that.
FWIW, I was also perusing my storage unit options here in HOU and making sure the stuff I want to keep but not take to LACA can fit until I free it to move to NOLA in the 8-10/12 months. So far, looks like it will work! :)

Okay, it's getting late. Y'all have a great night...stay safe.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Resume' away!

Sent my revised/tailored resume' off to a company based in LACA that I worked for looong ago. Thankfully, I enjoyed my time (save a certain district manager) working there. Learned a LOT about product knowledge, keeping a clean store, customer service. :)
Still looking for other places, and going to keep my job options open once I'm there. Going to finally get my website ironed out and send that link to some of the bakeries maybe even some of the wardrobe folks. Hey, it's L.A. - land of fantasy and movie magic. ;)
Here's hoping I hear something good soon...I want to give my notice here... Or maybe I should go ahead and tell the apt I'm out - and then the job and bolt at the beginning of June?
Hmmm...things to think about.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Alrighty...No Secrets per se on Mother's Day

But first - a very hearty and warm "Happy Mother's Day" to all of my friends who are, or fill in for Moms. May your day be full of love and extra appreciation!

Okay, here goes:

After the Mother's Day gifting was complete and we were at the yummy Italian restaurant having lunch and we were all (save my brother) tucked into our first glass of wine...I did it, I broached the idea to my family that I may be relocating to Los Angeles for a while.
Sure, maybe it was the coward's way out to bring it up mid-glass of red, but hey - I didn't get sprayed w/it nor did she down the remainder in one fell swoop! :)
She's concerned, understandably - given the mistake of 5 years ago, but then again, that guy was a card-carrying a-hole who was really only using my good rental history to get a better place to live w/his kids - he just hadn't told ME. Live and learn. I have scars, but other than not having looked my Boo up (not realizing what a STELLAR fella he is notwithstanding) years earlier - no regrets. Big lessons learned. But she seemed not freaked out by the idea.
She did mention one 'typical mother concern' over her daughter moving in w/a guy so far away...but I waved her off. That's between my Boo and myself to discuss, when we decide.
The Dude has his own place, and is wanting to share it w/me and our four cats (two apiece) for the remainder of his California stint.
I have only ever lived in Houston (as an adult). Going to L.A. for a not-indefinite time will be really neat. We have friends w/in reach a 7-8 hour train/bus trip that costs less round-trip than one way in gas - and would allow for a more "Thin Man" mode of travel...LOL. Which would put us damned close to San Francisco while visiting them. :)
Okay, it's time to waddle off to my good friend's house to catch up on "Treme'" and what the night will allow of "The Borgias" and "Game of Thrones"...those two may have to wait...but then, I am going to New Orleans this coming weekend...maybe just catch up on Treme' and one or the other tonight. This full tummeh is making me very sleepy. :)
Toodles, er, "Ciao!" or whatever they say in LA-LA Land. ;)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Maybe I Should Consider A Change?

Went to Los Angeles this weekend to see my much missed and MUCH loved boyfriend. We spent most of the weekend 5 hours north in Union City w/our friends and exploring the area. Gorgeous place - mountains, beaches, stuff galore.
Being w/my sweetie after a 5-1/2 month separation (due to his living on the West Coast and my current location on the Texas edge of the Gulf Coast) - and seeing somewhere other than New Orleans (do NOT get me wrong, I do not love NOLA ANY less!!!) for the first time in how many years? (Austin for the cake competition doesn't count)
I still want to be in New Orleans, but I think maybe a slight detour might be in order. I love my man and having found the right guy (for REAL) finally - I realize that I need to make the most of my time w/him. Granted there is the strong possibility that NOLA IS in his future but maybe not for about a year. Still in the way early stages, but... :)
So, maybe (as per usual) the fact that NOLA isn't falling all over itself to get me there is very telling...it's.not.time.
And I'm not waiting forever. I have things to do w/my life. When that can be happening in NOLA, cool & groovy - until then...should I get the invite from my man - I'm taking it.
So, in case of detour, keep those seatbelts fastened. The road WILL lead to NOLA, but it may be via the West Coast. :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Psychic Friends Network Should Hire Me

Seriously, I had the inkling in the past week that things weren't working out.

Something told me that things weren't going to work out so peachy as they had seemed. Waiting on more feedback from the job of choice (they are extremely busy and DO want to talk to me, so there's that), but that's not the issue.

The place I was offered to stay is no longer available. That wouldn't be too much of a stressor, but w/my two cats - finding a temporary place that's welcoming to them is going to be problematic. BUT not impossible.

Granted, if the starting salary was bumped up a little, I would be able to probably get my own little place (studio) to start.

The Universe will get me what I need. And since I had that feeling it wasn't going to work, it wasn't world-shattering news. Inconvenient, yeah - but hell, these things happen.

Anyone know of some good folks who are not cat-averse that can put me up for a couple/three months while my salary increases enough to swing my own 'jernt', please let me know.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Houston We Have Contact!

So, sent an e-mail to the more promising position as I hadn't heard from the contact in a bit. Of course, heard from her shortly thereafter apologizing for the delay and that they WERE going to get w/me, but they've been HEINOUSLY busy. And then I heard from the big guy - saying pretty much the same thing, but also that he was indeed impressed by my cakes and wondered if I wanted to stick w/pastry or go more sales/catering mgmt. I replied that I would like to have a hand in cakes but also would look forward to the management.
So, things are looking up and I'm keeping on purging and packing and living life here.
Once I actually have an offer and everything squared away - then I'll feel comfy making it utterly public.
Thank you for your support! :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Well, So Close...And Yet So Far

Last weekend I was in a flurry, no: FRENZY of mental gymnastics and spreadsheet creation - a job was LITERALLY dropped in.my.lap!??!! The brainbending and budget hashing were due to a great opportunity that was below my estimated minimum salary.
A slight miscommunication saw them thinking I was available right away and there was no way I could up and leave. That did get straightened out, but I am waiting to speak with the main guy to see if there is any flexibility on the salary. They've had a heck of a busy week...but I hope to hear soon. Another place said they were going to get back to me, but so far, nothing.
I am purging items and packing the keeper items - it's a process I should have started a while back! But it's in progress, so there's that.
No firm info so that I can make some announcements to family and friends knowing I have ironed out the details. Sooner is better, I have to give 30 days notice at my apartment and at least 2 weeks at work. Moving at the end of April would be optimum.
I hope I hear some good stuff soon.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


For my dedicated and new readers - I'll be getting my photo editing software soon so that I can actually cycle out images I have captured. I take rather hi-res images and they are currently 'too big' to work.

And my approach to taking pictures is very 'on the spot' - I'm not into true manipulation of the photo - other than cropping. Photoshopping in things, changing the images is not my 'thing'.

I love to shoot my Canon Rebel dSLR as well as my trippy little Sony Cyber-shot point & shoot. Other than a college course in b/w photography, just seeing something that calls out to me is my 'field experience'. Unexpected items sometimes just seem to say "Hey...snap me!?" Each trip to New Orleans usually sees me finding a 'focus'. One time it was cracking/foxed paint on shutters, another trip it was doorknobs. Usually a gorgeous plant/flower finds its way into my memory stick.

Thank you all for your support.

Hmmm...how about a different tack?

So, I get a wild hair this afternoon and looked on Craigslist at the jobs. There was a listing for a 'second shooter' for a photography agency. Shooting weddings from alternate angles and such. I'm thinking of going for it. At least as a part time gig, that would rock.

There's also a p/t job at the 'drink wine & paint' place - hey, I can work on my ability to paint and I know I can get the enthusiasm level of the group up.

One that made me LOL and sneer at the $ was a realty agency that was wanting a p/t photographer to shoot 15-40 houses a week...get this...for a paltry PALTRY $7.00 (yep, SEVEN dollars) a house!??! The listing didn't even say they'd pay mileage... Heaven knows many of the realtors out there seriously do NOT know how to take photos of homes they are (supposedly) trying to sell. I mean, really, a pic showing off the (not included) weight set in the master bedroom, a close-up of the (run of the mill) ceiling fan.

So, here's hoping I can get the attention of the wedding photographer and maybe the sip & paint place. :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Road to NOLA is Paved w/Hangups - Lundi Gras edition

Since I wasn't even getting the most basic response and Mardi Gras was drawing nigh, I have suspended my job search for a bit. I'll let the detritus of Fat Tuesday be swept away before assaulting the job postings anew.
Having mostly a divine time during my current week-long Mardi Gras visit. The feet staged a Tahrir Square-type rebellion yesterday due to the un-Houston-like amount of walking I relish in New Orleans. Mostly the protest of my tootsies was down to walking about 3 miles in heels and then waiting about three more hours 99% on my feet for the Box of Wine parade to finally get the clearance to roll. Seriously - I about just sat down and bawled it was so bad. And yeah, I had cushioned insoles but they were not up to the challenge. Next year, I'm proposing Pedi-Cabs to tote us "Drunken Whores" around - I mean how perfect? We can swill our brew of choice and throw goodies w/o watching out for beads/trash, wearing out our feet...and have transport back to where we need post-parade. :)
Anyhoo - Lundi Gras (today) is for me to take it easy, rest the pieds and finalize my Shockey's Football Widow outfit for the Krewe of St. Ann tomorrow.
Happy Lundi Gras!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rolling the Dice...

Found a new job listing! At an architecture/design firm on the edge of the French Quarter! It's an administrative position, which works for me. And, who knows, maybe a design position for me might be possible, too?
The vibe of their website was fun and creative. I hope to hear back from them, and maybe even get to go interview when I'm in NOLA in a couple of weeks!

On this submission, I altered my resume' to show my 'moving to' address - just so they know, I have a home waiting for me there. I'm not just 'playing'.

Fingers crossed and all good vibes welcome! :) Thanks in advance!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's A Week...

It's a "week" alrighty...?!?! Busy as skidditch on a bid and client-whispering, trying NOT to throttle the 'sorority' folks. And having spent Monday evening on some much-needed housework, last night having dinner w/my Dad and tonight was the second installment in the "New Orleans: 5 Years After" lecture series - will have to push wakeful, professional follow-up messages to the companies already 'tapped' and also send out more resumes. I have a couple of things up my sleeve, so maybe something will pan out on those avenues?

I am headed back to New Orleans in mid-Feb for the MUSES Bead Distribution Party! And hopefully, if I can get some interviews, too? Time's running out, I REALLY don't want to pay for the full month of March in this joint if at all possible.

Thanks again to EVERYONE for their support. The sooner I have something 'for sure', the better and I can share the news and forthcoming furniture sale w/more folks! ;)

Friday, January 21, 2011

No News Is...Well...No News

I must be some high level of naive. Sent resumes to four places two weeks ago and have heard NOTHING back. Not even a chortle or guffaw from the one company that (in their electronic submission gateway) requested a salary requirement. I guess I thought I'd at least get a quick little 'We have received your information/e-mail and will review it, thank you' form e-mail or SOMETHING.

I'm going to send out more and hope something sticks. I'm also going to send some 'just checking to see you got it' e-mails to the ones that are on radio silence.

Two weeks ago was just after the new year's holiday - and sure, some folks were still on vacation...but c'mon. At least say "Sorry, can't help ya."
Maybe broaden my spectrum? Anyone want me to come clean their homes? I scrub a mean toilet, I love to vacuum and I can organize the hell out of your place. And I can come by and keep you that way. I can help you get ready for parties, do the pre-shopping, theme set-up. Probably even knock out a funky cake, too!

I'm just in a funk. I've been feeling congested, goopy and coughmeister general since coming back to Houston on Monday.

My future home city is 5-1/2 hours away to the east via car/moving truck (well, probably about 6-1/2 hours or so by moving truck), my dearest love who is my boyfriend is a day away by car (if I wore Depends and had a refueling jet to follow me) the OTHER direction and here I am Stuck In The (veritable) Middle, in Houston.

Time to get the roast going - at least there will be po' boys in Houston this weekend.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

All Is Right w/the World...for the weekend anyway...

I am 'home'! I am in New Orleans! I am in my (if I can score a frakkin' job) future temporary home-base!

I love this shotgun double! Something like this would be awesome for me and my sweetie.

Mid-week, I did speak with a gal about a bakery position at a local place but since I'm not 'here' yet - that's causing all manner of issues. BUT...I sent her the flickr link to my cake pics and she wants me to come in once I'm here to maybe talk to her boss re: specialty cakes. :)

As I see places when I'm driving around, I'm jotting them down to send info to anyway. If I could even get a part-time job in an office (or flex-hours) and then part-time in a bakery?

Went to the MUSES 12th Night Bash last night, fun - but the music was too loud and some of the non-members (namely fellows) kept jabbering while the MUSES gals were making announcements... Came back here and went next door to the bar - literally, next door! Such a great vibe.

It may sound 'soupy', but I miss having my boyfriend w/me... Granted, that's true on a daily/nightly basis in Houston, but even though NOLA is my "10" of a city, when he was here w/me at Halloween, he cranked it to "11". :)

Okay, time to get scrubbed up and face the day w/wild hair.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well...at least this Tuesday wasn't...

as fraught w/ZOMG!STRESS as last week. I've sent resumes out and haven't heard even a hollow laugh back. I'm trying to stay upbeat.

Played w/a budget to see what I really need to make minimum. Make sure the car, insurance, mobile and such are covered. Huzzah, I can get by on less! Just about a year to get the car paid off! WOOT!

Waiting to hear the outcome of the big bid that gave me such crazy busy holiday time...and stressful week last week. Other big client is making changes to a floor currently on order and there is no 'return' policy and they can't finalize the changes. Oh well - I'm headed to New Orleans this weekend...I'm not the boss of them, so there. Shaking it off.

Here's hoping to hear something soon - would be nice to talk to someone (job-wise, that is - I know I'll be hanging with friends) while I'm in NOLA. I want to be able to sit down w/my folks and tell them of my plan to move, but want to know I have some viable job prospects.

I'm wanting to get a storage room and maybe drag some stuff with me this weekend. I have played with the layout of the storage room to see what would fit and what items I am wanting/needing to part with.

The pile of books and magazines to get rid of is guhroooooowwing! :) As is the stack of clothes to donate, too!

Trying to pull the list of furniture for sale together, wanting to frame it as 'realizing I really don't need all of it and am planning on moving to a smaller place' for work. Which...is true.

I need to set up my next visit to NOLA for mid-Feb, which is the MUSES bead distribution and Krewe du Vieux.

Lots of planning in a possibly short timeframe...gah!

Okay, gotta put the laundry away and keep up on the shoes.

Friday, January 7, 2011

My First Blogging Friday

Wow, I've been at this approximately a week now! I called in sick today - I seriously needed to have a non-weekend, non-holiday day to call my own and be chill for me. I am not going to make myself ill over stress. I can't, I won't.

I'm flitting between the desktop computer and the laptop, as the laptop has the broadband card on it right now - but the desktop is where my copy of MS Office is running. The laptop is also easier to use as the desktop computer is ironically, not at a desk, but the CPU is running the vid through my flatscreen t.v., and sitting on the floor has proven to be less than 'fun' for my hips/back as evidenced by the whole xmas wrapping-related back pain. Sitting in my task chair at the tele isn't optimum, either - because I can't put my feet up to balance the keyboard. I know, kvetch, kvetch, kvetch... :)

The resume' is as done as it can be for now. I have one for standard stuff like I do now, and one geared more towards the powdered sugar side of the fence.
I have some friends that are offering to spread it around, woot! And I'll need to finalize and share to companies myself.
The standard version's cover letter is still needing addresses and actual names, so I'll keep plugging away on that.

But now, lunch is calling! Cheese grits? And once I get the resume' off to a couple of places, I can get back to 'da shooooze' and finish them. Oh, and by the way - I've opted to just finish 2 shoes, too much going on and I need to pare down.

This weekend is purge time, big time.

Happy Friday! Feel free to comment!

UPDATE: 3:03 p.m. - have submitted a request to Haydel's and also have sent my
cover letter and resume' to Sucre'!

UPDATE: 5:15 p.m. - have submitted my resume' to a grave-designing company for a CAD position...I probably put too high of a salary, but hey, if you don't go for the gold, you'll never get silver (or bronze, or copper)!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Time Is Fleeting...

I have got to get my resume' out. It's updated, but I also want a 'creative' one to go out to bakeries. The website will help, but I haven't had time to get back to editing down the photos to web-digestible size.

This week has been a BEAR (and no offense to bears, in truth, I love you smelly, fuzzy, marshmallow/honey-loving beasts!). Had a very stressful Tuesday, was better on Wednesday, and today is fine - except for all of the things I HAVE to do.

I tried to post an entry last night after Lotto Night dinner, but blogger was being a pill and not letting me enter anything in the posting field.

I have plans to have dinner w/a very dear, very special friend who is in town and his former beau tonight...but I may have to put that off in lieu of the resume' getting out.

Okay, flinging this on from the office, time to go below blogcasting depth and get some work done. Cheers!

Monday, January 3, 2011

First Monday After "The Decision"

Was able to stay mostly focused - yay me. But it wasn't easy. Asked a friend about a painting I want to sell. Client gave it to me about 6 years ago when they were clearing out their basement spaces (part of a corporate art collection). I've enjoyed it for that time, but now - if I can get some money for it, more's the better. Especially if it's close to the labeled price on the back! That would be good money for the move or for the settling in.
I've requested my vacation time for the 12th Night Bash, so I'll be in NOLA the weekend after this! :)

I'm about to tuck back into working on the MUSES shoes. But for the moment, I'm pondering what bits of furniture to part with. What I know for sure:
- the big painting
- the three nesting Ikea side tables (two white, one black)
- the four bookcases (all are three shelves high - one is a walnut-type color and about 3' wide, the other three are black-brown, 2 are ~3' wide and one is ~18" wide) - later I'll decide what size bookcases to get and hopefully, there are built-ins...or my sweetie can build some to suit. :)

Going to have to go through all of my glassware/crystal/china/whatnot that's still in storage...and figure out what's to keep.

The hard decision is: the bed. My beautiful, antique, Henri II bed and matching nightstand. When I scored it just over 7 years ago - I knew it would be fantastic in my future NOLA home. So, in that I think I just answered my own question. It's about 150-160 years old...and I've moved it 6 times, and heaven knows how many times it's been moved before that.

My biggest problem is my clutter and my inability to part with things. But I've been improving on that. :)

The sacred bits are my kitchen goodies. My c'top Breville oven, my KA Artisan, my basic cake pans (I can sculpt most anything from basic rounds & squares).

Thus, I hereby promise to:
Cull my art supplies (donations to a senior center or something like that)
Cull my books (there will always be more, only the costume history, cake art and some classics will stay for now)
Cull the items still at my Dad's and stuff that's still being stored at my Mom's from the last move.
Sell the bits I listed in the earlier segment.

Okay, it's shoe time! :)

Diving into the glittery depths! :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Developments

Okay, what a day.  Woke up early (-ish), went to breakfast at the O.C. - had the waffle and much needed coffee.  Stopped at La Madeleine on the way home to pick up a baguette for po' boy making and watching the Saints' game.  Sadly, the game didn't go so well.  I guess it's time for a spirit saving po' boy.

The MUSES shoes' soles are painted, now it's time to tuck into the glitter part.

And I have set up my first-ever website...  It's very rough right now, but I'm rather lacking in website-building savvy. Here it is - but please know it's under construction.  Wear your hardhat and steel-toed boots, please. ;)


Okay, I'm rather on the hungry side of the fence.  Thanks again for swinging by. :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Giving in to the Glitter...

It's the new year!  After becoming a member of the Krewe of MUSES in mid-2010 I have been looking forward to the project I am set on today and tomorrow.  I have four shoes (two pair) to set up and execute sparkly looks for! 
This will result in at least three things:
1. Exercising my creative muscles (thus far the only ones staying in shape...I'm working on others, though)
2. Making four glitter-spangled shoes for throws for the 2011 MUSES parade
3. Starting to decrease the creative goodies in my inventory...all the better to have less to move you know? :)

I'll post pics to my flickr as I move through the steps! (link will follow)

Cheers and Happy New Year!  And on that note:  Be sure to get your black eyed pea and greens quotient in today - gotta get back to prosperity, so every little bit of influence helps!  (hey, just keep up w/the healthy greens be they literal greens or any good green veggie - I'm opting for sauteed spinach (sauteed in olive oil w/garlic and baby Bella mushrooms.  I also have some asparagus tips I'll lightly cook through.  I'm also making cheese grits and drizzling the debris gravy over.

Much love and many blessings today and throughout the year! W.