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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

60 Days (+) Of California Living (thus far)

Wow, I've been here two months already!?
The weather here has been really nice, a tad warm - but NOTHING like what Houston's been dealing with: 23 days STRAIGHT of 100+ degree high-temps!?!?!
My only weather-related negative comment about L.A.: no thunderstorms. Dan swears there will be some this fall. I'm holding him to it.

I really want a full-time job w/a decent salary, which means: back to the furniture world. So last week, I e-mailed a mid-market office furniture dealer that is located in Burbank (about 9 miles away). Just as a tickler, y'know "hey, I'm here, I can do this, any needs?" kind of thing. In a stroke of luck, they are INTERESTED! :) They requested my resume', so I e-mailed it to them - for a project manager/sales support position! Later in the day, I received an e-mail back to schedule an interview! :) It was set up for last Wednesday at 10 a.m..

That meant - I needed to top off my hair color which had grown out from the cruddy way I had done it three weeks earlier. I spent Tuesday hitting the shops for something to spice up my work clothes. I scored a couple of Adrienne Vittadini tops (one a knit long-sleeved in a mid-range olive tone, and the other a black/heather grey rugby stripe tunic w/patch pockets that I can wear over jeans, leggings...whatnot) and a fun, flouncy peasant skirt in colors that will make it through summer and well into fall. I also scored hair color and raided the beauty supply for coloring brushes and a bowl. I spent the afternoon diligently addressing the root of my root problem. The results of my efforts was quite nice.

I went to the interview, arrived a little early. It lasted about 40 minutes, the lady was very nice and it seemed to go well. I'm at present waiting on the decision. I called today and she said they were reviewing other candidates and would let me know. She seemed in a good mood, was pleasant...hoping that's a good sign for me.

If I can get this job and at a decent salary, I'll be in veritable clover. I can save towards a place in New Orleans, as well as go back for a visit...SOON(?).

On the homefront - GrisGris is now comfy sleeping in the bedroom w/us and Dan's cats! Progress! It just 'happened'...though I suspect it dovetailed nicely w/the fact the cats realizing, when she's in close proximity to them...they all get treats! LOL!

I have slightly reworked the kitchen set-up, getting a glitter-dome set up - time to start working on Muses Shoes!

Goodnight, here's to good news on the jobfront tomorrow.

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