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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hmmm...how about a different tack?

So, I get a wild hair this afternoon and looked on Craigslist at the jobs. There was a listing for a 'second shooter' for a photography agency. Shooting weddings from alternate angles and such. I'm thinking of going for it. At least as a part time gig, that would rock.

There's also a p/t job at the 'drink wine & paint' place - hey, I can work on my ability to paint and I know I can get the enthusiasm level of the group up.

One that made me LOL and sneer at the $ was a realty agency that was wanting a p/t photographer to shoot 15-40 houses a week...get this...for a paltry PALTRY $7.00 (yep, SEVEN dollars) a house!??! The listing didn't even say they'd pay mileage... Heaven knows many of the realtors out there seriously do NOT know how to take photos of homes they are (supposedly) trying to sell. I mean, really, a pic showing off the (not included) weight set in the master bedroom, a close-up of the (run of the mill) ceiling fan.

So, here's hoping I can get the attention of the wedding photographer and maybe the sip & paint place. :)


  1. Realtor photos are the WORST! I won't even consider a house if there aren't decent pics of every room! That would be a cool job to start up...contract out to realtors. I'm sure many other people are turned off of houses that have inferior pictures....or none at all. I always think "What are they hiding"

    I remember a few years ago I saw an ad for a photographer to do photo shoots for hotels for their websites. I don't remember the salary but it was pretty decent. I always thought that would be a cool job.

  2. Oh, absolutely! It's like "do you REALLY want to sell this place?!??" Because the bathroom shots w/the toilet lid AND seat up are just awful. Make sure the cabinets are closed - bring a screw driver to tighten the hinges.