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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Big Store...

No, not the Marx Brothers' movie... I have secured a storage room for 12 months!
Was looking for a 5x10, but scored a 5x15 for the same price that lays out MUCH better. :)

Two boxes of books went in today. Lots more boxes to load up. Stuff to sell, books to essentially give to Half-Price. I'm taking a nice box load of cake stuff to one of my former cake club friends tomorrow. :) Then I'm hoping to meet up w/my friend Lauren some time this week and give her the 'mutha lode' of art supplies.

I bought two new cat carriers (kennels, not the cardboard ones) for the pending road trip. So far, GrisGris is smitten w/hers. I need to bring the second one in and assemble it for Amelie. I may see about loading them up next weekend and driving around (no, I won't be leaving them in the car unattended!). And repeat as much as I can before 'the trip'. Hoping they can learn to not be SOOOOO freaked out.

This week I'll be taking a couple of boxes (maybe more, wish there was a discount for multiples...LOL!) to ship to Sherman Oaks. Right now, little artworks/pictures. Next, kitchen goodies and art supplies and cake stuff. Maybe some very carefully wrapped appliances.

I created a list of the furniture I have to sell - and I hope to high whatever that it all sells for close to what I'm asking for them.

There's that painting I want to sell, too - one of my bosses might have some friends that want it. If I can get close to what the original price is...woot!

Sunday is "the Day" where I officially let my family know - I'm moving. Dan's mom is tickled, his brother is bummed (apparently thought Dan would be moving this way...).

My lil' Nola Rouge is going to be getting new tires soon. Which reminds me, I'll need to ask about if I can replace my fuel filter myself or if I'll have to have the guys at the shop do it...I don't want to pay someone else if I can do it just as well myself. I also need new wiper blades.

I wonder what it will be like living w/o thunderstorms (for the most part)? Granted the temperatures are lower and the humidity is much less in L.A.. :)
Anything is bearable if I can be hanging w/my Boo.

Okay...what, about 26 days? I have to get the stuff I want out, gone, the stuff I want to keep stored and the stuff I'm keeping and using packed.

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