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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Road to NOLA is Paved w/Hangups - Lundi Gras edition

Since I wasn't even getting the most basic response and Mardi Gras was drawing nigh, I have suspended my job search for a bit. I'll let the detritus of Fat Tuesday be swept away before assaulting the job postings anew.
Having mostly a divine time during my current week-long Mardi Gras visit. The feet staged a Tahrir Square-type rebellion yesterday due to the un-Houston-like amount of walking I relish in New Orleans. Mostly the protest of my tootsies was down to walking about 3 miles in heels and then waiting about three more hours 99% on my feet for the Box of Wine parade to finally get the clearance to roll. Seriously - I about just sat down and bawled it was so bad. And yeah, I had cushioned insoles but they were not up to the challenge. Next year, I'm proposing Pedi-Cabs to tote us "Drunken Whores" around - I mean how perfect? We can swill our brew of choice and throw goodies w/o watching out for beads/trash, wearing out our feet...and have transport back to where we need post-parade. :)
Anyhoo - Lundi Gras (today) is for me to take it easy, rest the pieds and finalize my Shockey's Football Widow outfit for the Krewe of St. Ann tomorrow.
Happy Lundi Gras!

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