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Friday, January 7, 2011

My First Blogging Friday

Wow, I've been at this approximately a week now! I called in sick today - I seriously needed to have a non-weekend, non-holiday day to call my own and be chill for me. I am not going to make myself ill over stress. I can't, I won't.

I'm flitting between the desktop computer and the laptop, as the laptop has the broadband card on it right now - but the desktop is where my copy of MS Office is running. The laptop is also easier to use as the desktop computer is ironically, not at a desk, but the CPU is running the vid through my flatscreen t.v., and sitting on the floor has proven to be less than 'fun' for my hips/back as evidenced by the whole xmas wrapping-related back pain. Sitting in my task chair at the tele isn't optimum, either - because I can't put my feet up to balance the keyboard. I know, kvetch, kvetch, kvetch... :)

The resume' is as done as it can be for now. I have one for standard stuff like I do now, and one geared more towards the powdered sugar side of the fence.
I have some friends that are offering to spread it around, woot! And I'll need to finalize and share to companies myself.
The standard version's cover letter is still needing addresses and actual names, so I'll keep plugging away on that.

But now, lunch is calling! Cheese grits? And once I get the resume' off to a couple of places, I can get back to 'da shooooze' and finish them. Oh, and by the way - I've opted to just finish 2 shoes, too much going on and I need to pare down.

This weekend is purge time, big time.

Happy Friday! Feel free to comment!

UPDATE: 3:03 p.m. - have submitted a request to Haydel's and also have sent my
cover letter and resume' to Sucre'!

UPDATE: 5:15 p.m. - have submitted my resume' to a grave-designing company for a CAD position...I probably put too high of a salary, but hey, if you don't go for the gold, you'll never get silver (or bronze, or copper)!

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