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Monday, January 3, 2011

First Monday After "The Decision"

Was able to stay mostly focused - yay me. But it wasn't easy. Asked a friend about a painting I want to sell. Client gave it to me about 6 years ago when they were clearing out their basement spaces (part of a corporate art collection). I've enjoyed it for that time, but now - if I can get some money for it, more's the better. Especially if it's close to the labeled price on the back! That would be good money for the move or for the settling in.
I've requested my vacation time for the 12th Night Bash, so I'll be in NOLA the weekend after this! :)

I'm about to tuck back into working on the MUSES shoes. But for the moment, I'm pondering what bits of furniture to part with. What I know for sure:
- the big painting
- the three nesting Ikea side tables (two white, one black)
- the four bookcases (all are three shelves high - one is a walnut-type color and about 3' wide, the other three are black-brown, 2 are ~3' wide and one is ~18" wide) - later I'll decide what size bookcases to get and hopefully, there are built-ins...or my sweetie can build some to suit. :)

Going to have to go through all of my glassware/crystal/china/whatnot that's still in storage...and figure out what's to keep.

The hard decision is: the bed. My beautiful, antique, Henri II bed and matching nightstand. When I scored it just over 7 years ago - I knew it would be fantastic in my future NOLA home. So, in that I think I just answered my own question. It's about 150-160 years old...and I've moved it 6 times, and heaven knows how many times it's been moved before that.

My biggest problem is my clutter and my inability to part with things. But I've been improving on that. :)

The sacred bits are my kitchen goodies. My c'top Breville oven, my KA Artisan, my basic cake pans (I can sculpt most anything from basic rounds & squares).

Thus, I hereby promise to:
Cull my art supplies (donations to a senior center or something like that)
Cull my books (there will always be more, only the costume history, cake art and some classics will stay for now)
Cull the items still at my Dad's and stuff that's still being stored at my Mom's from the last move.
Sell the bits I listed in the earlier segment.

Okay, it's shoe time! :)

Diving into the glittery depths! :)

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