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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well...at least this Tuesday wasn't...

as fraught w/ZOMG!STRESS as last week. I've sent resumes out and haven't heard even a hollow laugh back. I'm trying to stay upbeat.

Played w/a budget to see what I really need to make minimum. Make sure the car, insurance, mobile and such are covered. Huzzah, I can get by on less! Just about a year to get the car paid off! WOOT!

Waiting to hear the outcome of the big bid that gave me such crazy busy holiday time...and stressful week last week. Other big client is making changes to a floor currently on order and there is no 'return' policy and they can't finalize the changes. Oh well - I'm headed to New Orleans this weekend...I'm not the boss of them, so there. Shaking it off.

Here's hoping to hear something soon - would be nice to talk to someone (job-wise, that is - I know I'll be hanging with friends) while I'm in NOLA. I want to be able to sit down w/my folks and tell them of my plan to move, but want to know I have some viable job prospects.

I'm wanting to get a storage room and maybe drag some stuff with me this weekend. I have played with the layout of the storage room to see what would fit and what items I am wanting/needing to part with.

The pile of books and magazines to get rid of is guhroooooowwing! :) As is the stack of clothes to donate, too!

Trying to pull the list of furniture for sale together, wanting to frame it as 'realizing I really don't need all of it and am planning on moving to a smaller place' for work. Which...is true.

I need to set up my next visit to NOLA for mid-Feb, which is the MUSES bead distribution and Krewe du Vieux.

Lots of planning in a possibly short timeframe...gah!

Okay, gotta put the laundry away and keep up on the shoes.

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