Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride cheres!

Calla Lilies to Cala Cakes - Buckle Up, Chere - It's Gonna Be A Bumpy (but fun) Ride!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Finally - Something to Say Other than "Po Pitiful Me"!

Well, when all was seeming bleak and unpromising...I managed to persevere and keep pushing through and by gum, I HAVE A JOB! I start this coming Wednesday! Designer/Project Manager at a high end office furniture dealership. The team seems great, the pay is great and general traffic issues not too heinous (afterall, this IS L.A.).

The job finally was offered to me in early mid-October after about a month and a half of e-mails, calls and interviews.

About two weeks prior, we added (by accident) a member to our household - a feral tuxedo-colored kitten. The 'accident' was that the little thing had gotten stuck in a pilot's BMW under the hood and above the engine baffle. He apparently spent about 4-5 days in there w/no food no water...!?! We had him checked out by the vet and he's hunky dory! He was about 5 weeks old at that point, and - owing to the airport where he was found - his name is "Vinny" for the code for Van Nuys Airport "VNY".

Vinny runs the gamut from "Adorable" to "Squee" and between and also from "STOP IT!" to "GO TO SLEEP!" and all point in the interim. ;)

Now that I'm finally going back to work - I'll be able to re-enter the land of the financially living! :) Money for spending and even better - money for SAVING! And I'll be able to start back to 'playing' with cakes again. I'm also feeling inspired again, so I'll be plugging away blissfully on my Muses shoes for Mardi Gras 2012. :) And on that note, I'm also GOING to Mardi Gras 2012! I've ordered my Muses beads/throws, I've booked my airfare (as it was only going to get more expensive and more rare the longer I waited. My awesome friends are hosting me, so that saves serious ducats and I know it's a safe place, great access to the parade routes. I WISH my Boo was going to go with me, but he's about to make some career adjustments/improvements so it's better right now that he's not committed to Mardi Gras if he changes positions.

I'm hoping that once I have my first paycheck that I'll be able to get affordable airfare to Houston for the Christmas holiday break. Gifts...? Well, since I'll still be in financial recovery mode - if I can get airfare, my usual gift expenditures will be impacted. I hope my family understands. If not...well, it is what it is.

I'm going tomorrow to apply/test for my California driver's license. I'm making the transition to be an official Californian!

My revised plan of 'just a year' has moved to a more open-ended thing...I'll be performing like a long-termer at work, I want to kick some butt. This is going to be weighing more on my man's career growth. He has a chance at a seriously great placement, that would help get us to NOLA in the future - and still allow him to retire w/full military benefits in about 8 years from that point. :)

If we win the Lottery before that - well, then yet again, plans change and accelerate. :) Granted - it would help if we actually PLAYED...LOL!

Okay, I need to make groceries and practice the driver's license test a few more times.

Cheers all!