Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride cheres!

Calla Lilies to Cala Cakes - Buckle Up, Chere - It's Gonna Be A Bumpy (but fun) Ride!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Time Is Fleeting...

I have got to get my resume' out. It's updated, but I also want a 'creative' one to go out to bakeries. The website will help, but I haven't had time to get back to editing down the photos to web-digestible size.

This week has been a BEAR (and no offense to bears, in truth, I love you smelly, fuzzy, marshmallow/honey-loving beasts!). Had a very stressful Tuesday, was better on Wednesday, and today is fine - except for all of the things I HAVE to do.

I tried to post an entry last night after Lotto Night dinner, but blogger was being a pill and not letting me enter anything in the posting field.

I have plans to have dinner w/a very dear, very special friend who is in town and his former beau tonight...but I may have to put that off in lieu of the resume' getting out.

Okay, flinging this on from the office, time to go below blogcasting depth and get some work done. Cheers!

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