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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Maybe I Should Consider A Change?

Went to Los Angeles this weekend to see my much missed and MUCH loved boyfriend. We spent most of the weekend 5 hours north in Union City w/our friends and exploring the area. Gorgeous place - mountains, beaches, stuff galore.
Being w/my sweetie after a 5-1/2 month separation (due to his living on the West Coast and my current location on the Texas edge of the Gulf Coast) - and seeing somewhere other than New Orleans (do NOT get me wrong, I do not love NOLA ANY less!!!) for the first time in how many years? (Austin for the cake competition doesn't count)
I still want to be in New Orleans, but I think maybe a slight detour might be in order. I love my man and having found the right guy (for REAL) finally - I realize that I need to make the most of my time w/him. Granted there is the strong possibility that NOLA IS in his future but maybe not for about a year. Still in the way early stages, but... :)
So, maybe (as per usual) the fact that NOLA isn't falling all over itself to get me there is very telling...it's.not.time.
And I'm not waiting forever. I have things to do w/my life. When that can be happening in NOLA, cool & groovy - until then...should I get the invite from my man - I'm taking it.
So, in case of detour, keep those seatbelts fastened. The road WILL lead to NOLA, but it may be via the West Coast. :)


  1. go where your heart tells you. ;) nola will always be here if you change your mind or you both decide to come on down.
    i wish you all the love in the world, sweetums.


  2. I'm with termite, look at the signs, how things are falling into place. Ya never know where life'll take you!

  3. Thanks y'all!

    The signs are definitely ripe for a West Coast diversion.
    I am going to send my resume' info to a company I once worked for back when I was in college...they are headquartered in L.A. Sure, it's retail, but I still know the product, and think I may be able to do alright - maybe even as an assistant manager at a shop. :)
    Cheers for now! :)