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Saturday, January 15, 2011

All Is Right w/the World...for the weekend anyway...

I am 'home'! I am in New Orleans! I am in my (if I can score a frakkin' job) future temporary home-base!

I love this shotgun double! Something like this would be awesome for me and my sweetie.

Mid-week, I did speak with a gal about a bakery position at a local place but since I'm not 'here' yet - that's causing all manner of issues. BUT...I sent her the flickr link to my cake pics and she wants me to come in once I'm here to maybe talk to her boss re: specialty cakes. :)

As I see places when I'm driving around, I'm jotting them down to send info to anyway. If I could even get a part-time job in an office (or flex-hours) and then part-time in a bakery?

Went to the MUSES 12th Night Bash last night, fun - but the music was too loud and some of the non-members (namely fellows) kept jabbering while the MUSES gals were making announcements... Came back here and went next door to the bar - literally, next door! Such a great vibe.

It may sound 'soupy', but I miss having my boyfriend w/me... Granted, that's true on a daily/nightly basis in Houston, but even though NOLA is my "10" of a city, when he was here w/me at Halloween, he cranked it to "11". :)

Okay, time to get scrubbed up and face the day w/wild hair.

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