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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'll Admit It - Yeah, I'm Frakkin' Worried

I'm planning on driving to New Orleans this weekend. Kind of my 'last hurrah' for a while, what with the pending move to Los Angeles.
Well, the flooding upriver on the Mighty Mississip' is starting to cause me some worry.
Sure, I may be borrowing trouble, but then again - I come from a long line of "Worrier Queens".
From all the input I've received, this weekend should be fine even though the water seems to be but a spilled Hurricane's quantity away from washing over the Riverwalk. Here's hoping they've made all of the stretch of the Mississippi a 'no wake zone' for now. :(
I've been bad, being so torqued about what can easily happen if the levees failed again, I didn't bake the cookies. Not being a pessimist, I just don't want to put my fearful energies into the cookie dough. I'll do something for my wonderful hosts while I'm there and for the Geek Dinner, I'll track down some good cookies or whatnot somewhere.
It will be probably a week before the situation (if they don't open the Morganza Spillway soon) possibly deteriorates, so traveling to and from shouldn't be a problem.
I'll keep an eye on the news and what my in-NOLA Peeps are saying. Can't say that I trust the USACE further than I can spit on them (and that isn't far at all). Which is where my worry comes from.
I have to get the oil changed in Nola Rouge, and top off the tank tomorrow after work. Then pack the clothing for the trip. Who knows maybe I'll even run through the cookies afterall. Bake 'em off and then take the stuff and decorate them on-site?
I'm a spaz, but y'all knew that.
FWIW, I was also perusing my storage unit options here in HOU and making sure the stuff I want to keep but not take to LACA can fit until I free it to move to NOLA in the 8-10/12 months. So far, looks like it will work! :)

Okay, it's getting late. Y'all have a great night...stay safe.

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