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Monday, June 13, 2011

Final Four! (no not hoops, but the final 4 days of being a Houstonian!)

Said "farewell" to family and friends this weekend...sad and yet exhilarating due to the adventure ahead. I know I'll miss everyone, but there will be so much to do and to be w/my sweetie...nothing can equal that. :)

The storage room is 'purt near' FULL. Still a LOT of crapola in the apartment. I'm addressing that now. I'm becoming more and more 'okay' with stuff going to the dumpster. I'm running low on items that have a further useable lifespan, having taken MANY loads to Goodwill. Many loads of stuff needing to re-enter the chain have gone to the recycling center.

So far, EIGHT boxes shipped to my Boo. More to go to him(today if possible).
A few more boxes are needed to finish off the storage room.

I want SUBSTANTIAL EMPTINESS in the apartment by the end of the day. I want tomorrow and Weds to be down to cleaning. Thursday evening will be "the Load" and Friday is Departure Day!!!

It's frikkin' HERE! Wow! Deep cleansing breath...

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