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Friday, May 27, 2011

New Broadway Musical: Purge-y and Mess

Just over a week into Operation: Get It The Hell Out Of The Apartment.

Now, all but one of the bookcases are spoken for, as well as the storage unit that is currently my (way underused) bar. And the locker-looking storage unit is claimed. (granted the dining table/stools, the craft table, the t.v. stand and chair & ottoman frame are still available...)

The art supplies I culled have gone to their new home w/my friend who is an art teacher. The cake goodies I parted with have gone to one of my former cake club buddies.

Slowly, slowly...things are being culled/purged/redistributed to new owners, thrown out or packed and put in storage. :)

This is really happening! :) I'm looking forward to this so much. I have several job possibilities that I'll look into further when I'm there. The cats are (for now) loving hanging out in their carriers...which may well change on 'go day'... But for now...

Okay - time for dinner and back to purging and packing. Toodles!
(edited to add product left for sale - if interested, please let me know)

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