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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Well, So Close...And Yet So Far

Last weekend I was in a flurry, no: FRENZY of mental gymnastics and spreadsheet creation - a job was LITERALLY dropped in.my.lap!??!! The brainbending and budget hashing were due to a great opportunity that was below my estimated minimum salary.
A slight miscommunication saw them thinking I was available right away and there was no way I could up and leave. That did get straightened out, but I am waiting to speak with the main guy to see if there is any flexibility on the salary. They've had a heck of a busy week...but I hope to hear soon. Another place said they were going to get back to me, but so far, nothing.
I am purging items and packing the keeper items - it's a process I should have started a while back! But it's in progress, so there's that.
No firm info so that I can make some announcements to family and friends knowing I have ironed out the details. Sooner is better, I have to give 30 days notice at my apartment and at least 2 weeks at work. Moving at the end of April would be optimum.
I hope I hear some good stuff soon.

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