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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Clutter From the Black Lagoon...


For the love of all that is neat and tidy...this stuff is multiplying and swelling as I go about the business of culling/packing it!??!

On the Good News Front: The big stuff is GONE! The keeper stuff in storage and the rest sold!

I've just done a dress rehearsal w/the 2 sizes of boxes and a Mardi Gras bead bag (stuffed to simulate the Kitchen Aid and the sewing machine). I can get 2 of my 'big' boxes in and 2 'small', the other appliances and some Muses bead bags, my pilot case and the t.v.! :) The cats are going in the front seat.

There is SO.MUCH.CRAPOLA still to purge through. I've shipped 4 small boxes to Dan and will ship another 4 this week, 2 are packed, so 2 more to load.

All of my cookware and daily plates/glassware are going to charity. Probably get them to them this week after work.

I'll be reworking the boxes in the storage room one evening this week - I should have packed more of the fragile stuff in the bigger boxes. I can probably get four or five of those boxes into 3 mediums...? That stuff is lighter so I can stack 'em higher. Real live Tetris, I has it.

Okay going back to the purge/pack stuff for a bit - then getting ready (all spiffy) - my dad and aunt are taking me to a nice restaurant for my going away party.

Lagniappe - Dan cannot WAIT for me to be there. :) WOOT!

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