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Monday, May 9, 2011

Resume' away!

Sent my revised/tailored resume' off to a company based in LACA that I worked for looong ago. Thankfully, I enjoyed my time (save a certain district manager) working there. Learned a LOT about product knowledge, keeping a clean store, customer service. :)
Still looking for other places, and going to keep my job options open once I'm there. Going to finally get my website ironed out and send that link to some of the bakeries maybe even some of the wardrobe folks. Hey, it's L.A. - land of fantasy and movie magic. ;)
Here's hoping I hear something good soon...I want to give my notice here... Or maybe I should go ahead and tell the apt I'm out - and then the job and bolt at the beginning of June?
Hmmm...things to think about.

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