Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride cheres!

Calla Lilies to Cala Cakes - Buckle Up, Chere - It's Gonna Be A Bumpy (but fun) Ride!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Looooong and Winding Road...

After putting myself, my dearest friend and my dad through HELL to finish the move (and I am in their eternal debt), I finally got the show on the road a little after 11 a.m. on Friday. Over the previous week, I had kitted out the car w/new tires and a slew of fluid replacements/fuel injector cleaning/fuel filter replacement...oh, NOW I remember why my bank balance is so damn low.

And before you ask, "Yes, I had the cats in the car" 'ere I left the old digs. After the first hour, both of them actually settled down! I was amazed.

Stopped just outside of San Antonio to top up my fuel. Drove through San Antonio that seemed (at the time) to take FOREVER. Stopped in Sonora for more fuel. Then drove on through to Fort Stockton for the night, arriving about 6:30.

The motel was a little dinky, but it served its purpose. I dined in my room w/some Dairy Queen-collected nommins. The cats were glad to be out of their carriers, and I was glad to be out of the car, too!

For what it's worth - my car was jammed pretty damned full - I nicknamed her for the trip: Fibber McGee's Closet on Wheels!

Saturday morning, I loaded up the stuff I had brought in and then wedged the cats back into their carriers. GrisGris wasn't so bad, but Amelie...oh heck...

Stopped at the Donut Palace for b'fast and much needed coffee (which I must add: The "Palace" did not live up to the hype...but then maybe I'm jaded by being a Shipley's addict?). The coffee was not quite 'right'...meh. I topped up w/more fuel and headed on at just shy of 9 a.m. to Sierra Blanca, TX.

A couple of hours later, hit Sierra Blanca, got out at the gas station and was literally struck by the pong of aged pee smell...GAG! Fueled up as fast as I could and bolted. Stopped quickly in El Paso for drink, quick nommin, Lotto ticket and pit stop.

Drove on through to Deming, NM, after having my nose assaulted just outside of Las Cruces by the dairy pens...damn...PEEEEYEEEEUUUUW! Motored on towards Tuscon, and had to deal with a traffic re-direct that saw me being asked if I was a U.S. Citizen...???

Made it to Tuscon a little before 5 p.m. if memory serves. Checked in at the Red Roof Inn South...just in view of the AFB my sweetie was stationed at briefly during his USMC stint. :) After settling the cats in the room, I went and drove around to find dinner. To my chagrin - Arizona health code won't let one order a hamburger to arrive medium rare...!??!? It was meh, but discovered I like "Kiltlifter Ale." :)

Sunday morning finally arrived! :) I loaded up my ever-so-trusty NOLA Rouge and found some nommins and decent coffee at the very polite yet friendly Quik Trip gas station. Getting through Phoenix to Avondale was fairly painless. Stopped for gas in Avondale and went ahead and got the car washed. Headed on to Blythe, CA, but stopped quickly in Quartzsite, AZ for bag of chips & a soda. Topped off w/gas in Blythe and grabbed a real Burger King 'meal' so to speak...

Trudged on through to Banning, CA and got more gas...and then the fun started. Negotiated the curves of the CA-60, started experiencing L.A. area traffic in all of its expletive-laden glory. Drove on and on and on...and on...and FINALLY got to the 101. From there it was naught but 17 miles to my exit...of course peppered w/traffic the whole way. It was about 4:45 when I arrived at my new home and was wrapped in my Boo's arms! :)

The cats are settling in, slowly but surely - I'm all feshmeckled with the time zone change. But being w/my sweetie is TOTALLY rocking my world. :)

I've put in my resume' for a doggy daycare's receptionist position and also resubmitted w/the candy company. :) Here's hoping I hear something positive, soon! :)

More later. Hugs, I'm off to bed...zonked....

Monday, June 13, 2011

Final Four! (no not hoops, but the final 4 days of being a Houstonian!)

Said "farewell" to family and friends this weekend...sad and yet exhilarating due to the adventure ahead. I know I'll miss everyone, but there will be so much to do and to be w/my sweetie...nothing can equal that. :)

The storage room is 'purt near' FULL. Still a LOT of crapola in the apartment. I'm addressing that now. I'm becoming more and more 'okay' with stuff going to the dumpster. I'm running low on items that have a further useable lifespan, having taken MANY loads to Goodwill. Many loads of stuff needing to re-enter the chain have gone to the recycling center.

So far, EIGHT boxes shipped to my Boo. More to go to him(today if possible).
A few more boxes are needed to finish off the storage room.

I want SUBSTANTIAL EMPTINESS in the apartment by the end of the day. I want tomorrow and Weds to be down to cleaning. Thursday evening will be "the Load" and Friday is Departure Day!!!

It's frikkin' HERE! Wow! Deep cleansing breath...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Clutter From the Black Lagoon...


For the love of all that is neat and tidy...this stuff is multiplying and swelling as I go about the business of culling/packing it!??!

On the Good News Front: The big stuff is GONE! The keeper stuff in storage and the rest sold!

I've just done a dress rehearsal w/the 2 sizes of boxes and a Mardi Gras bead bag (stuffed to simulate the Kitchen Aid and the sewing machine). I can get 2 of my 'big' boxes in and 2 'small', the other appliances and some Muses bead bags, my pilot case and the t.v.! :) The cats are going in the front seat.

There is SO.MUCH.CRAPOLA still to purge through. I've shipped 4 small boxes to Dan and will ship another 4 this week, 2 are packed, so 2 more to load.

All of my cookware and daily plates/glassware are going to charity. Probably get them to them this week after work.

I'll be reworking the boxes in the storage room one evening this week - I should have packed more of the fragile stuff in the bigger boxes. I can probably get four or five of those boxes into 3 mediums...? That stuff is lighter so I can stack 'em higher. Real live Tetris, I has it.

Okay going back to the purge/pack stuff for a bit - then getting ready (all spiffy) - my dad and aunt are taking me to a nice restaurant for my going away party.

Lagniappe - Dan cannot WAIT for me to be there. :) WOOT!